Music For Penguins (And Other Socially Awkward Animals)

by Daniel Bromfield

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released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Conspiracy Theorist
monsters are always right
they're with us now
do i have reptilian friends?
let me check
getting high all night
day drinking
my friends know so much
climb into it

conspiracy theorist durrrhhhh
conspiracy theorist durrrhhhh

and the camera
every is down
what did will have to say?
not now
smoking spliffs with doug
i don't feel like a man
i shouldn't be here
but at least i have

conspiracy theorist durrrhhhh
Track Name: Love Happens
sometimes my friend walk my friends home
sometimes i see them move at 4 or so
i wonder which one she likes more
i wonder what would pass if they went out the door

only love could happen
Track Name: Marriage
hey japan we need to talk
sushi rolls with human legs

hey man we need to talk
you can fap to what you want
Track Name: Alien Plan
they said i was stupid for going along with the alien plan
“you will die and so will we”
but if i were striking deals with the aliens now
i would say “please don’t hurt them”

if i ever come to earth again
i’ll have everything i want
fame and fortune and interesting friends
and they’ll probably give me money (money is the answer)

they said i was foolish for going along with the alien plan
who am i to disagree with that
all my friends are languishing on earth maintaining menial jobs
i am floating through the cosmos
Track Name: You're The Problem
i'm your friend i listen to your tales
i don't care if they're false or if they're real
but listen up i have to draw the line
cuz i don't wanna listen to your stories anymore
always thought it was part of us
cuz i do it just as much
but i don't know what i should buy

don't you think you might be the problem?
you consider love too much so
don't you think that might be the problem?

don't pretend that you don't have a phone
hit me up as soon as i come home
i expect it to be like way back when
but i'd have felt much different if i'd smoked that joint back then
those were the times when i came out of my shell
shed my skin and went down straight to hell
it was nice but now i ask

don't you think you might be the problem?
you consider love too much so
don't you think that might be the problem?
Track Name: New Kid
you claim to like it
who's the homophobe?
mr. fragile bottom boy
you know who you are
it's time to soil your hands
it's time to be a man
it's time to raise your hands
if you carry on